Music Speed Notes : Note Value Challenge

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Alto The alto is the second highest female voice in pitch. In choral music Alto is considered the lowest female voice sung within a chorus. The voice higher in pitch than an Alto is a Soprano.

Added 6th

Added 6th An added 6th is where you add the 6th note into the chord. For example: To form the C major chord you would need the 1st (C), 3rd (E) and 5th (G) note of the scale. CEG To […]


Accordion A musical instrument that has both a keyboard and buttons. The instrument is played by stretching and squeezing with your hands to push air through central bellows over reeds to create a sound.   Additional Information The Accordion consists […]


Andante A music direction indicating to perform at moderate speed (walking pace). Typically around 75 – 108 beats per minute (BPM).    

N5 – Baroque Music

N5 Baroque Music Quizzes Baroque History Quiz Report Content Go to: National 5 Music

Alberti Bass

Alberti Bass Broken chord accompaniment in the bass, often used in keyboard music.  It is a method of breaking up a triad by playing the lowest note, then the highest note, then the middle note, then the highest note again. […]

African Music

African Music African Music refers to music which comes from the continent of Africa. This page will contain links to the pages which contain specific genres of African music, musical concepts and instruments which originated from or were influence by […]


Arco Arco is when the bow is used to play a string instrument. Examples of orchestral instruments that can play arco include the violin, viola, cello and double bass.


Allegro A music direction indicating to perform at a fast speed Typically around 120-160 beats per minute (BPM).