N5 – Baroque Music

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Alberti Bass

Alberti Bass Broken chord accompaniment in the bass, often used in keyboard music.  It is a method of breaking up a triad by playing the lowest note, then the highest note, then the middle note, then the highest note again. […]


Arco Arco is when the bow is used to play a string instrument. Examples of orchestral instruments that can play arco include the violin, viola, cello and double bass.

Rondo Form (ABACA…)

Rondo Form (ABACA…) Rondo Form is an extension of the other two forms Binary and Ternary Form So if Binary form goes A-B and Ternary Form goes A-B-A, Rondo form follows on by allowing alternating sections between every A section. […]

AB (Binary) Form

AB (Binary) Form AB or Binary Form is a form of music which is made up of two clear different sections of music labelled, Part A and Part B.   Think of this as a cheese on toast sandwich. The […]

A Tempo

A Tempo A musical direction to return to the originally stated tempo.   In this example, the music is stated to be at a tempo of Allegro. Within the music, a Rallentando begins within the third bar. Without the A […]

A Cappella

A Cappella A Cappella is a vocal performance where solo or group singers perform without instrumental accompaniment.   The Latin translation of “A Cappella” means “in chapel or choir style” this was used to describe performances without instrumental accompaniment because […]