Alberti Bass

Alberti Bass Broken chord accompaniment in the bass, often used in keyboard music.  It is a method of breaking up a triad by playing the lowest note, then the highest note, then the middle note, then the highest note again. […]

Rondo Form (ABACA…)

Rondo Form (ABACA…) Rondo Form is an extension of the other two forms Binary and Ternary Form So if Binary form goes A-B and Ternary Form goes A-B-A, Rondo form follows on by allowing alternating sections between every A section. […]

Ternary Form

ABA (Ternary) Form ABA or Ternary Form is a form of music which is similar to Binary Form music. The main difference is that Ternary Form has 3 sections.     Think of this as a normal sandwich. There can […]

AB (Binary) Form

AB (Binary) Form AB or Binary Form is a form of music which is made up of two clear different sections of music labelled, Part A and Part B.   Think of this as a cheese on toast sandwich. The […]