Acoustic Guitar

A guitar which has a hollow body which amplifies the string vibrations to make a sound.


The guitar consists of multiple parts:

Tuning Peg


Guitar Neck:

The connection between the guitar Fretboard and Tuning Pegs.

Guitar Body:

The main part of the guitar hosting the Sound Hole and the Bridge


The strings of the guitar are strummed or plucked to vibrate and create a sound amplified by the soundhole.

Sound Hole:

The Sound hole is located on the body of the guitar and pick up and amplifies the vibrations of the strings to produce a sound.


Hardware attached to the body of the guitar which keeps the string in place. It also helps transfer the vibrations of the string onto the body of the guitar which will be amplified by the Sound Hole.


Fretboard is where the fingers are placed to manipulate the strings in a way to create different tones or chords.

Tuning Peg:

Used to tighten or loosen the string to tune the strings to the right frequency.


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