The Following are questions about the TV program. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Try your best to complete the questions on the worksheet/jotter provided.

You will need to use the audio excerpt provided BELOW to answer most of the questions unless one has been specifically provided for the question.

Have fun!

What genre of music do you think this is?

Where was Will raised before he moved to Bel Air?

From the song, what do find out to be Will’s favourite past time after school?

Why was he sent away and who was it he was sent to go live with?

What is a "Walkman"?

(include within your answer where you got the information for the answer from)

Explain in your own words what Will is thinking and what is happening within this excerpt of the music?

(Audio snippet below)

What did Will mean when he said that "if anything i thought that this cab was rare"?

What time did Will arrive in Bel-Air?

(This answer is not in the music and will require you to look it up)

Which State is Bel-Air in and what other states surround it?



Now create Will Smith's story board  based on the full rap piece and the  answers you gave for the previous questions.

A storyboard is a illustrated (drawing) telling of a story or script going through and telling the different events through pictures.

Try now to create your own rap music.


  1. First you will need to come up with a topic.

2. This can be a short story of something which has happened in your life or the way you feel about a certain topic in the world/your life.


3. Next try writing combining these thoughts into a short story on a piece of paper which can be read normally and give a message.


4. Now you should try and re-arrange that story using words to still tell the same message but making sure that the words are rhyming.


Below are a few audio tracks which you can try rapping your lyrics to:


"Next Level" - SeriousBeatz

Freestyle Type Beat - "Chill"