The Task

The Task

In this task you are going to create a document (Presentation, Word Document, Leaflet, etc.) about something that you like.

You are to talk about something in detail as if you were having a conversation. Your aim is to :

"Convince someone to think or act in a certain way"


The Task

How can we do this?

Remember the following word:


Title Page

Step 1

Create a "Title Page".

This page should stand out at the front of your project. I should feature an image of what you are going to discuss and be eye catching. Include the title of the Project alongside the thing you are going to discuss.

This is an example of a title page for "Something I Like".

Title Page

Step 2

Start to talk about in detail about what it is that you like.

This page should talk about what thing which you like. Details about it as if you were explaining to someone who had no idea of what it was.

Title Page

Step 3

Begin to talk about what you like and why you like it.

You should describe why you like what you have chosen. Think about what interests you the most about it and what you think others might find interesting.

If you are creating a Powerpoint then it should contain 2-3 slides talking about "Why you like" your subject.

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