The information on this calculator has been created using the publicly available information provided on the Scottish Government website for Tax and NIC, alongside the Scottish SNCT Handbook and Local LNCT Agreements. This calculator has been created to give you an estimate of what you should expect to be paid based on your working hours within a fixed term contract Where it is known at the outset that the requirement for cover is likely to extend beyond 2 days a fixed term temporary contract (in accordance with the SNCT Code of Practice on the Use of Fixed Term Temporary Contracts) and any relevant LNCT Agreements should be issued. . If the result of the calculator is wildly inaccurate from your received payslip then please notify us on our forum.

Our calculator is always being improved with additional functionality and we are open to any feedback or requests you may have.


Select Paypoint: Main Grade Payscale Annual Pay
psPoint0 pSal0
psPoint0 pSal0
psPoint1 pSal1
psPoint2 pSal2
psPoint3 pSal3
psPoint4 pSal4
psPoint5 pSal5
Selected Paypoint Annual Pay Pay Per Hour Select Hours Worked Per Month Total Pay
selPayP selAnnualSal payPerHour

Taxed TCH Sup Ee' Employee NIC Total Deductions
Gross Pay Tax: oTaxed
Holiday Pay Tax:
oTchSup oEmpNic oTotalDeduct
S.Tch Hours TCH Holiday Accr Statuatory Sick Pay (SSP) Total Payments
oSTchHours oTchHolAccr oSsp oTotalPay
Final Pay

How does the Calculator Work?

Details into how the Calculator works can be found on our forums.

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