4 Useful Websites for Teachers

CLASSROOMSCREEN is a nice addition to the classroom. It features a range of tools which help with classroom engagement, management and guidance. All of its features are free to use while the paid version allows more Quality of Life upgrades such as saving presets and layouts for quick setup. This application works well just using a Computer and projector but shines when the addition of an interactive whiteboard is used or when used with and iPad and AppleTV.


A list of the features it offers are as follows:

  • Background - Fully customise your background with a library of images/Gifs or upload your own.
  • Calendar - What it says on the tin. A calendar showing the current date while allowing you to navigate forward or backwards.
  • Clock - This allows you to show the time in 12 or 24 hour time.
  • Dice - Allows you to roll dice which you can use for various activities.
  • Drawing - This creates a resizeable window which you can use to draw images. Works wonders when you also have an interactive whiteboard.
  • Media - Allows you to insert an embed link/youtube link/photo to show to your class.
  • QR Code - You can use this to enter a link and then a QR Code will be automatically generated. Works well when pupils have an iPad, they can easily scan it an it will navigate them to the website or Microsoft Teams folder.
  • Random Name - Enter the names of students and choose one at random.
  • Sound Level - This feature allows you to monitor the sound level in your class and creates a tone to notify the class when they are past the noise threshold
  • Text - An effective rich text editor allowing you to write instructions, reminders, learning goals.
  • Timer – Count up or count down, record “laps”, and more. You can customise the tone that rings when the time is up.
  • Traffic Light – Display a red, amber, or green light. You could use this to represent certain tasks within the class (E.g Clean/Pack Up, Finish group work, Stop what you are doing)
  • Work Symbols – Has four visual representations of the expectations of pupils: work together, ask a neighbour, whisper, and silence.


Pro's +

Various features which will complement the class.
Very responsive and fluid.
Allows you to create a free profile which will allow you to save a limited amount of presets.
Most of the application windows are resizable.
Ability to make a customisable class poll. (Effective with Interactive boards where the pupil can come up and tap on their answer)

Cons -

Cannot export Poll results.
As far as I have experienced, You are unable to save and resume from information placed in previous sessions.



Image: QRCode Monkey Logo

QRCode Monkey becomes an invaluable tool when using technology within the classroom. It allows you to turn any URL (no matter its length) into a QR Code. What is a QR Code you might ask?

A QR code stands for Quick Response Code and it allows a device with QR reading capabilities (included within most apple product camera's many free android apps) to instantly read the image and take you to a URL.


Let's say that you wanted to guide your pupils studying music to a page which had a list of all of the Music Curriculum Concepts and their definitions on it:


(C'mon that was a good plug)

You would normally have to send them the URL through a method such as an email or make them copy the URL letter and character exact into their browser.

With QR Codes you can simply put in an image once you have created it using QRCode Monkey:


If you have an iPhone, try using your camera app and put this QR Code into your frame. When the pop-down occurs, tap on it.

If you have Android and it doesn't have an integrated QR code reader try downloading one for free on the Play Store. Now scan this QR Code.


See! How easy that was?

Right, back to why to choose QRCode Monkey. QRCode Monkey is completely free, doesn't have annoying ads and can translate more than just URL's into QR Code. It can translate Contacts, Premade Emails, Premade SMS and Locations just to name a few. You can use these however they might apply towards your teaching.
One which might pique your interest is the EVENT QR Code Generator. With this, you can set Events using the QR code which shows up as calendar reminders on devices. I have used this to allow my pupils to quickly set a calendar reminder for when they have homework due. It has greatly helped some pupils of mine who have problems with the returning homework on time overcome it.


Pro's +

Completely free to use
You can change the resolution of the QR code depending on how large you are going to display the image
Quick and easy replacement to using URLs
Can create QR codes to autogenerate things aside from URLs. E.g Emails, SMS etc.
Can place your own logo within the QR code (e.g School logo)
Not blocked through most of the Scottish Council website filters
No intrusive advertisements
Amazing for synergising with Microsoft teams and directing your pupils to specific files. Guide Coming soon!
Great quality of life upgrades when using the Premium Version.


Cons -

Changing of URL means that you will need to generate a new QR Code (Unless you use the premium version)
Um... Not much else to say, it's pretty good.




THEWORDSEARCH.COM is a great resource when you are creating resources for a cover lesson or just to add a bit of fun to your lesson. There are many pre-made word-searches ready use but what makes it so great is the ability it gives you to easily create your own word-searches on their site. It is as simple as inputting 10-30 words and the site will do the rest. You can easily print off the worksheet to give to your pupils as a paper copy but what is even better is the online functionalities it has.

Once you have created your word-search the word-search can be placed online allowing your pupils to join through the URL and play the game online. Awesome Right!

Also, don't worry about the hassle of getting your pupils possibly making mistakes when inputting the URL.  The next site which we are going to recommend complements this one and makes the task of pupils getting to the website amazingly simple.


Pro's +

Can easily make a word-search within 5 minutes.
Word-search can be hosted online for free.
Easy UI
Word-searches which have previously been made can be edited.
Website is accessible in most councils.
Simple Online UI for Pupils.
Customizable Difficulty level

Cons -

Word-searches will only stay active for 60 days after last active use.
You need to keep a URL edit link to be able to edit a previously made word-search after ending your browser session.



PEXELS is a website which is great for your media needs. It website which allows you to use their images for free, both commercially and for educational purposes. The images are contributed by the community and they benefit through donations which you can make to them when you use their images. We use this website ourselves for images within our website and have been blessed by the value it has been providing us. You can use this website to find pictures which are a bit more professional looking in contrast to what you might find on Google images. Also, the fact that all of the images are copyright free brings peace of mind which is not the same for all Google images.


Pro's +

Professional looking images.
Copyright-free images.
No watermarks
The image bank is constantly growing.
Images are provided by the talented creators on the site.
You are not required to attribute the creators (but it is appreciated).

Cons -

Still, relatively new website and so is still building up its bank of images to use.
Might not find many images from a more niche area. E.g (Brazilian Samba)



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