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We have all started off as student teachers as one point and know what it is like to not know something but being too afraid to ask due to how it would reflect on us. This space has been created so you can ask those questions without the fear of being judged as a teacher.

Please make sure you are respectful when you are both asking questions and when you are answering questions.

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Questions which have been answered and become popular may be moved to our FAQ in forum as to provide benefit to teachers.  (No Personal information will be retained)


We believe that spam is harmful to the regular use of the services within this website. Surveys are allowed as long as they are for the purpose of education or research. (Moderators have discretion in determining if content violates this rule.)

We will remove zero-content submissions, including greeting or farewell posts, self-diluting memes, and other submissions that won't result in any valuable discussion.

Posting personal information of anyone, even yourself, is not allowed. This is for the general safety and security of our users as this information could lead to users being harassed.

Personal information includes, surnames, email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, school names, social media profiles, and social security numbers.

City names are the furthest extent of location which allowed to be used.

If your question requires the use of names for context then ALIASES MUST be used instead of the personnel's real name.

A post or comment is deemed disrespectful if it includes discrimination, bigotry, prejudice, harassment, or sexually lewd and inappropriate content towards an individual or group of people.

We have all been in positions where we have a question but do not want to ask due to the way it will reflect on yourself. Therefore there will be zero tolerance for patronising and elitist answers/comments.

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